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Automating Tribal Wars Since 2011!

Tribal Wars Bot is an automated solution to help you get more from the brilliant MMO Tribal Wars. Why suffer because you have a busy social life, let Tribal Wars Bot help you to run and maintain your villages. Its automated system farm, build, and recruit whatever you need. In addition more and more features are being added all the time so check the forum and about page for the latest release information.

A Bot Was Born...

Tribal Wars Bot came to life in September 2011 after a busy summer that saw my work commitments double. I found it impossible to farm and keep up with other players, and eventually I had to leave the world. However, I wasnt finished and ideas for an automated system were beginning to grow.

Tribal Wars Bot Farming Villages Status Panel Being a developer by trade I put my skills to use and began crafting a tool that could automate some basic features for me.

The bot has been re-enginered over the months to accomodate for core process and updates within the game functionality. Initially it was used by over 50 of my close friends and family all of which were benefitting from its automation, now thanks to the community its used much more.

Due to its popularity so far I've decided to unleash it to the world, to let it grow and evolve with the help of a community influence.

Getting Started...

Tribal Wars Bot is available for most Windows machines and getting started is easy, simple and free. Click the members link at the top of the page, create a new forum account or login to your existing one. Once your logged in you can download the bot client from the members area.

Recent Worlds Added to TWB...

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Current Features

  • Automatic CAPTCHA entry Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.10)

  • Automatic building Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.8)

  • Automatic recruitment Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.8)

  • Automatic farming

  • Complete Event Logging

  • Remote Service Mode including CAPTCHA Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.9)

  • Screenshot capturing Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.9)

  • Automatic login, and re-login on disconnect

  • Queue an unlimited number of buildings/recruitments

  • Single target selection based on village id

  • Mass target selection based on distance

  • Custom unit distribution, send what you want

  • Automatic navigation/confirmation of pages

  • Human like pauses added to the automation process

  • Automatic Fake Sending System Tribal Wars Bot New(v0.7.3)


Farming is still one of the main feature of our Tribal Wars Bot, its automated system ensures your selected villages are farmed regularly and with the amount of troops you allocate. Each village is treated seperatly and a series of status show exactly where that attack is through the process.

Tribal Wars Bot Farming Villages Status Panel Automation makes farming easy and fun, once your targets are selected Tribal Wars Bot handles the whole process of filling in boxes, submitting and confirming. It manages the time needed to travel and repeats over and over again until you tell it to stop.

Random delays have been added at key points in the process to try and mimic human interaction, trying to make the bot appear as a normal player is critical.

Different status identify what Tribal Wars Bot is currently doing with each village, a 'Submitting' status indicates the Bot is currently processing this line and is loading the necessary pages to submit the command. A 'Travelling' status is then applied whilst your army is travelling to or returning from your target. Once returned a further 'Delaying' status is applied to add some random time before the process is repeated.

Tribal Wars Bot Adding Multiple Villages To Farm Tribal Wars Bot Adding a Single Village To Farm Tribal Wars Bot Attack Confirmation

Selecting your targets couldnt be easier, weather you just want to farm a single village or gather resources from multiples all round your 14x14 our Bot has got you covered.

Fake Launcher

Fake Launching is a relatively new feature added in version 0.7.3 at the request of the community. Many users of our Bot are involved with large tribes and many regularly participate in strategic operations. Sending fakes at these targets is a key role to the success of the operation.

Tribal Wars Bot Sending Fakes Enmass Just Got Simple We created a simple easy to use interface to allow you to manage this time consuming function of the game. As you can see from the screenshot, the player is given many choices to define how they want their fakes sending. Choices include Speed, quantities of troops to send, how many attacks on the same target and if scouts should be included.

A free form text area is provided to key in a list of coordinates to attack, clicking the add targets button will parse all text and if any coordinates are found it adds them to the attack list. This allows players who are taking part in an op to simply just paste in their target instructions from the council. To make it easier to save and re-load this data we've also added an export feature, when your happy with the list you can save it for future use.

Web Browser

Tribal Wars Bot uses an integrated version of Internet Explorer to manage your village, becuase of this you can also use the bot as a standard web browser and play your account alongside the bot.

Tribal Wars Bot Play your account alongside the bot. Clicking the New Web Browser button opens a seperate window and by default loads your overview page. The screen itself is a basic webbrowser with an address bar and the url display. We have added am extra bar to the bottom of this screen in which we want to add features that can use the page data, as you can see from the screenshot we just have one feature so far. This simply picks up the village you've selected on the map and then lets you target it.

Manual browsing is encouraged from within the bot as the more pages you browse to the more random your session will be. Randomness is good and again adds to the human factor so might keep you away from being spotted.

BOT Protection

Despite all the cool features and potential to automate your game I know at the back of your mind you can't shake the problem of Bot Protection. I'm sure you've all seen it, when you do a lot on your account the Bot Protection Captcha appears and you need to confirm this before you can continue

Tribal Wars Bot The dreaded Bot Protection CAPTCHA. When the Bot detects a Bot Protection CAPTCHA processing stops. We've added several alerting mechanisms which are all triggered to alert you action is required. Alerting methods in place so far include an audiable alert which plays a WAV file from the local directory. The Tribal Wars Bot client window flashes resulting in the icon flashing in you taskbar and a message is displayed on the screen as per the screenshot.

Bot Protection is currently our biggest focus and we have several features in discussion that will really help tackle this problem.

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